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Aidan Rank 1 Shrink by DolphinSilverwolf
Aidan Rank 1 Shrink

New Ability: Shrink

Faeries are often seen as tiny beings, and you are able to personify that. Shrinking yourself down to the size of a hawk or a sparrow is a handy ability to have.

The university definitely modernized the clinic, as well as installed some neat realtime information systems, including digital X-ray plates and a radiology workstation with video conferencing with the university hospital.  Of course this meant a lot of continuing medical education, including X-ray operation and digital plate reading.  In the long run, though, it meant an improvement in the quality of care by identifying which injuries could be handled at the clinic and which required transport to the ER in Galway.  Not all injuries were obvious, and Aidan was neither trained nor equipped to be an orthopedic surgeon.

And, unlike in Los Angeles, Aidan did not have a high-speed connection at home.  And the Solstice guest house was lacking in informational infrastructure.  Thus, he had the idea to rectify that.  The basic idea was simple enough, he'd helped his adopted father wire the house for a home LAN.  After a tutorial on how to crimp Cat-5e, he pitched the idea to Brenna.

"Sure," she said, "as long as you don't burn the house down."

So, Aidan set to work.

One thing he found handy about being a faerie...he didn't just know where to run the wires, he could run them with fine skill by carrying them through the walls.  Once he cut the junction boxes, he could squeeze through the holes and carry the cable runs.  Of course, pulling Cat-5e cable when shrunk down was like hauling anchor chain, so he really needed some down-thrust from the wings.  He certainly hoped nobody would hear a buzzing sound in the wall space...

Daz3d 4.6 Pro, Genesis model, Photoshop CS6 Extended.
The practicals (wall space, knot hole, cable) I photographed myself.
Arcadian Race by DolphinSilverwolf
Arcadian Race
A random art piece for :icontoradh-ireland:.

:iconghillietoes42:'s character Aine helps Aidan learn more about his faerie nature.  First, she taught him how to make a transit across the boundary between the worlds into Arcadia, where Aine discovered her third form--that of the unicorn.

Then Aidan gets an idea...

"Can a faerie fly as fast as a unicorn can run?"

And the race is on.

Sorry if it seems kinda dark, but the picture was meant to depict a moonlit night.
Fountain of Dark Matter by DolphinSilverwolf
Fountain of Dark Matter
The "dark matter" is supposed to be the missing mass of the universe.  But what does it look like?  What does a substance look like when it does not necessarily defy physics, but is part of what defines physics?

The fountain of dark matter is a paradox to human eyes, as the material in the fountain appears normal when illuminated, but then defies expectation for the items in shadow.

I photographed the fountain myself.  The background is a shot from the Hubble Space Telescope and falls under public domain, coming courtesy of NASA.
Greetings from Mystic Falls! by DolphinSilverwolf
Greetings from Mystic Falls!
A postcard, or maybe a souvenir photo from the fantasy location of Mystic Falls, Hawaii.  A vacation getaway within a vacation getaway, this idyllic location hosts swimming with dolphins, merfolk, and selkies, who operate this attraction to fund conservation efforts and educate humans about the emerging population of their magical brethren.

All photographic resources used herein are mine, and the one used can be found here: dolphinsilverwolf.deviantart.c…
Sometimes the strangest dreams can come to people and lend to the most interesting inspirations.

I hadn't known about Pacific Rim when I started my project on organic design with AutoCAD, but it seems that others were reading the same book.  The drivesuits used by the Jaeger pilots (sorry, I don't know how to quickly make umlauts on a PC keyboard) were 3D printed using a polyjet method (each layer is made of photopolymer, but the layers are laid down using an inkjet printer head and hit with UV light to harden it).

It made me wonder how many suits got broken during the filming (okay, okay...ObJet makes resins that are tougher, but I only know about the blue stuff that's very precise but not very strong).

I started putting together a story from a dream (nothing to do with Pacific Rim) and ancient lore.  Try to imagine a, not the "tinkerbell" things, or the babyish pixie things, the ever-so happy things...or maybe you can.  But imagine that cutesy thing...then altering gravity to the point where your internal organs shred themselves.  Or with a thought, shutting down the electrical activity of your heart.  Or, altering probability in a sadistic play of events...manipulating the odds such that things just don't work.

The fae in lore were as diverse as humans are in reality.  Some were benevolent, others malevolent.  To be told off by one for a slight, even terrorized in an incident, might seem harsh, but to them, an attempt to teach a lesson in their best knowledge.

Let's say that some of them decided to learn how we are in the present generation.  To learn our culture, our reactions, to explore our diversity and know that to them, we are only as insects in terms of lifespan.

Now let's imagine that our greatest thinkers lay down information that helps the fae understand THEMSELVES.  If you are a species that lives and breathes magic, yet is ignorant of the mechanisms but for a few dedicated magi, then a short-lived race of thinking beings might be worth investigating in a benign sense.

In many popular media, I'd run across a theme of "science vs. magic," as if the two were mutually exclusive.  However, think about is not a means of application.  Science is a means of exploration and objective (at least as objective as is possible) analysis of the observed and measured world.  Magic, as it stands in many stories, is an application towards an effect.  It is engineering.  Powerful mages are depicted in study, learning about the world they attempt to alter.

Let's say that some of these fae figure out enough of the human cognition...and decide to give them a level advantage.  Sometimes this might involve a "changeling effect" (human becomes fae).  The alternative, though, is to augment them.

I had inspiration from the Halo franchise and Footloose by :icongingerbreadart: and Alice Nutall.

AutoCAD seems rather simple, but in that it is an excellent tool for raw construction of 3D items.  The AutoCAD Design Ultimate suite includes Inventor, which allows me to work around what AutoCAD can't do.

I am going to make a story out of this.

The fae will be real.

Some will try to kill us all.

Some will fight alongside us...and give us the means to fight back.

Those means...are the Human Augment Combat System (HACS).

The soldiers that used it...called it ELVENGEAR.


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